Zachary Powell

Lead Developer Advocate


Zachary spent ten years as an Android developer before it suddenly clicked… his real passion was public speaking, documentation, and aiding developer teams. When he found out he could be paid to do these things he made the jump into DevRel! He now leads a Developer Advocacy team at Huawei focused on their “AppGallery Connect” platform of tools and SDKs. With a content-first approach, Zachary has spent much of this past year researching and experimenting with new and emerging social platforms to reach the next generation of developers.

Using TikTok to reach a new developer audience

With over 2 billion downloads TikTok is no small platform. Now is the time to include this social network in your advocacy efforts and reach a whole new audience! Here is how you can get started and grow a new channel of communication!

In his talk, Zachary will cover some of the basics on how to use TikTok, gain a following and share knowledge from a DevRel point of view.

By the end of the talk, the audience will get a sense of why they should be considering TikTok and how to be prepared to go forth and start experiment with TikTok in their own programs.


Twitter: AppgalleryC


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