Vera Tiago

Developer Advocate Lead


Vera is a former developer turned into a Developer Advocate, currently leading a Global Developer Advocacy team. She has been involved in the tech industry for over 15 years. Software Developer, Technical Lead, Trainer, Customer Success Manager, Developer Evangelist, Developer Community Advocate were some of the roles she has embraced over the last decade. For the past five years, she has been dedicating her professional time and a vast amount of personal time connecting, helping, and learning from the Developer Community. When she is not behind her computer, she likes to go to the gym, dance, eat good food, and hang out with her 4-years daughter.

Specialization and career paths for advocacy teams

For years, companies who invested in DevRel would have one person doing a variety of activities from speaking at conferences, engaging with the community, or writing content.

Today, more companies realize the advantages of DevRel, and they also recognize that it’s much more powerful than anticipated.

The result? DevRely teams are growing, so it’s essential that we start specializing roles/responsibilities. In this talk, Vera will drill down into each role specialization across developer relations with some examples from the industry.


Twitter: veratiago

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