Siddharth Dayalwal

Hackathon & Community Evangelist

Being passionate about technology & having a desire to learn and explore more makes me what I am. I have been contributing actively to communities and helping community members for 3+ years now. Interacting with people, creating opportunities and content is what I do on a daily basis. I am a Hackathon Evangelist and have been part of 70+ hackathons so far. I am a strong community advocate & enjoy managing them along with an interest in public speaking & DevRel.

DevRel, A Key Role At Hackathons

Developer Relations is a broader terminology when we talk about it in general. With time, it is becoming one of the most important roles for community & product-led companies/startups. It is crucial for any company to build a loyal and potentially long-term user base that can help various teams including engineering, product, marketing, and more. In this talk, Siddhart will be helping you understand how DevRel can play a key role for your company at hackathons.


Twitter: siddharth_hacks


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