Shedrack Akintayo

Developer Relations Engineer

Shedrack Akintayo is a Developer Relations Professional and Technical Writer with over 5+ years of experience in Technology and a track record in Web Engineering, Community Management, and Developer Relations on a global scale. He has given talks/workshops at developer conferences like JS Nation Live 2020, DevRel Asia, All Things Open among many. He also co-organizes Developer Circles Lagos from Facebook, Open Source Community Africa, and other communities empowering Africa and the world with Technology.

Understanding and approaching developer communities in smaller regions

The main aim of this talk is to discuss the right way to understand and engage developer communities in smaller regions.

Shedrack will use Africa as a use case. He’ll talk about successful developer communities in Africa, how they were able to gain traction and participation, successful developer education programs in Africa, and the best way to approach these smaller regions when carrying out developer relations efforts.


Twitter: coder_blvck

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