Ramón Huidobro

Head of Open Source


Ramón is a DevRel contractor and head of open source at CodeSee based in Vienna, Austria. He’s spent the last ten years being directly involved with small businesses and startups getting their apps off the ground or back in shape. More recently, he’s also creating developer educational content as well as courses in Spanish. His main motivation is community. He’s not only actively worked with children, refugees as well as software builders both new and experienced, but also dedicated a significant amount of his time to organising conferences, workshops, and other events aimed at helping empower folks in their tech journey.

Coming to you live! Inclusive, effective, fun live streaming for DevRel

Adapting to having events online has been a learning experience for us all. How can we keep a constant, steady, interactive experience for our audience?

In this talk, we’ll cover how we created Open Source Thursdays, including the tools we used, the accessibility considerations, as well as how we’ve improved it over time. Anyone can be a great live streamer!


Twitter: hola_soy_milk

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