Pj Metz

Education Evangelist


Pj is a former educator who now works as an Education Evangelist at GitLab. After teaching for 11 years, Pj made the transition into tech in May of 2021 after community learning to code during the Summer and Fall of the pandemic. He is a passionate public speaker and has spoken at several conferences and co-hosts a podcast called 8-bits about the lives of people behind the tech industry. You can catch him live on Twitch hosting GitLab community members, or building a web app with his friends.

From Educator to Evangelist: How Poetry got me into Tech

One of my struggles through 11 years of teaching was to take “I don’t get it” and bring it closer to “I can explain it to others.” My job was to take a completely foreign concept and make it so that students understood it well enough to use it in the real world. Well, that’s still my job at GitLab to a degree; take students and educators from a variety of backgrounds and show them how DevOps can make their work and learn better than ever. Come see how the skills of a previous career are helping me be a better DevRel at Gitlab.


Twitter: MetzinAaround 


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