Philipp Krenn

Developer 🥑


Philipp lives to demo interesting technology. Having worked as a web, infrastructure, and database engineer for over ten years, Philipp is now a developer advocate and EMEA team lead at Elastic — the company behind the Elastic Stack consisting of Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash. Based in Vienna, Austria, he is constantly traveling Europe and beyond to speak and discuss open source software, search, databases, infrastructure, and security — hopefully soon again 😷

Takeaways from 500 Virtual Events Since the Pandemic’s Start

Virtual talks are the new norm. In theory, they are great — speakers and attendees can join from around the world, infrastructure is cheap and scalable, recordings are simple. But what is happening in reality with problems like Zoom fatigue? What is and what isn’t working? At Elastic, we have done more than 500 virtual talks and meetups since the pandemic’s start.

This talk gives an overview of the development over time, specifics in regions, differences in tooling,… and adds some of Philipp’s personal anecdotes.


Twitter: xeraa


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