Pachi Carlson

DevRel Engineer

New Relic

Pachi is a front-end dev turned into a Developer Relations Engineer. After nannying for years, she started learning to code while building meaningful connections within the dev community and that changed her life. A native Brazilian, Pachi now lives in the USA where she infuses her experience as an immigrant woman in tech into her work. She is passionate about creating newbie-friendly content and believes a career in tech should be accessible to all, and that’s why with her friends she founded Feministech, a community for Brazilian women and non-binary people that stream or enjoy watching Development and Technology on Twitch. When she’s not live coding on Twitch, Pachi watches anime, reads too many romance novels, and Hypes people on the internet like that is her job.

What is learning in public and why are you talking about it?

We, the developers, could also be called the forever learners.

It doesn’t matter our area of expertise or time in the field. There is also something we need or want to learn.

Since I started to learn to code, I have been doing it in public at some level, and this has just evolved… Blogging, Twitting, Streaming… There are several ways to learn in public, and even more benefits.

In this talk I will tell you about my journey with learning in public, while explaining what it is, how to do it and why you should.


Twitter:  pachicodes

GitHub: pachicodes

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