Olia Dukova

VP Developer Experience


Olia has a background in design and sociology but over the past decade, she has been developing API-driven products and services at both start-ups and enterprises. She is passionate about building communities oriented around technology with a focus on developer experience, but most of all, helping customers build great products.

What’s wrong (with) DevRel or how to draw a dragon

It’s no secret that for many, Developer Relations still comes across as a mysterious and fuzzy field of work. Often the DevRel community struggles to demonstrate its contribution to a business and the value created is at times a controversial topic. Moreover, being such a close-knit community, the Developer Relations and Experience world may come across as a “bubble”.

In this talk we’ll be looking at some of the functional practices not just within the DevRel space, but in the wider context of a business and the tech industry in general. We’ll discuss some of the unique strengths of the ecosystem, and have a close-up look at some of the shortcomings that can inhibit the potential of Developer Relations teams and professionals. We will also discuss ideas on how we can nourish the positivity and inclusivity potential of the community and extend it outside the discipline. 


Twitter: oliadukova

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