Oleg Nenashev

Community Builder and Developer Advocate


Oleg is a community builder, FOSS, and Open Hardware advocate. He is a Technical Oversight Committee chair in the Continuous Delivery Foundation. He is a core maintainer and board member in Jenkins. Oleg works on open-source programs at Dynatrace.

Guerrilla Developer Relations – How to start DevRel and turn around the culture in a legacy enterprise company?

Many developers care about the end-user experience, especially when the end-users are their fellow developers. But do their companies really care? Not everyone has developer advocate or community marketing roles. Sometimes enterprises do not care about developer experience at all. “Top-to-bottom sales for the win”, “let’s work with VPs” they say. They might be right nowadays, but the world is changing! Can a single contributor turn around the culture and introduce developer relations in a big company? Maybe!

Oleg will talk about setting up developer relations and open communications culture in a rigid enterprise environment. How to get started without any resources? How to justify and prove the value of these efforts? How to influence the culture of your end-users and the team? How to find allies and avoid making foes? What is InnerSource and how is it related to this talk? And, most importantly, how to NOT burn out on this high road?

Disclaimer: This talk is based on experiences in many open source communities and does represent a case study for any particular company.


Twitter: oleg_nenashev



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