Nitya Narasimhan

Senior Cloud Advocate


Nitya Narasimhan is a PhD, Polyglot & Visual Storyteller with a background in mobile, web and distributed systems. She is currently a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, helping developers everywhere translate awareness of Cloud and AI technologies into actionable impact on products and careers. Find her @nitya and follow her visual journey @sketchthedocs.

SketchTheDocs: Visual Storytelling For Tech

65% of us are visual learners. A third are visual-spatial learners. We absorb information from visual cues (illustrations, colors, fonts, composition) and can recall it more easily. And we benefit from seeing “the big picture” before diving into details. However, traditional learning – including tech documentation – tends to be text-heavy and emphasize sequential progress. SketchTheDocs is an initiative I began in 2020 that explored the value of visual storytelling in various contexts – from visual guides (poster-sized summarization of topics) to visual puzzles (game-based learning of terminology) and workshops (sketchnoting as a skill).

In this talk, Nitya will share several experiments conducted in 2021 that showcase the value of this approach and talk about the two key challenges (accessibility and automation) that she hopes to explore next. You will walk away with resources to start your own visual storytelling journey and inspiration for ways to put the fun in “functional” learning resources.


Twitter: nitya

GitHub: nitya


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