Naomi Pentrel

Staff Demo Engineer


Naomi is a Staff Demo Engineer at Twilio. Combining a long held passion for presentations with a software engineering and marketing background, Naomi has built her career in helping tech companies tell their stories effectively. In her free time Naomi crochets, hangs out with geese at the park and writes little web scrapers.

Crafting and delivering convincing demos

Words and slides alone aren’t the best way to convince your audience to choose your product or even to ensure they will remember you. The best way is to have your audience interact with your products. If that isn’t possible, the second-best way is for you to demonstrate your product’s capabilities and user experience.
In this talk, Naomi will share how to craft demos by gathering requirements and using them to build your demo and story. She will also teach how to prepare for a smooth demo delivery. After this talk, you will have all the theoretical knowledge to craft and deliver demos that achieve your (and your stakeholder’s) objectives.


Twitter: naomi_pen

GitHub: npentrel


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