Michael Heap

Director, Developer Relations


Michael is the Director of Developer Relations at Kong, where he advocates for the community internally and represents the company externally. He’s focused on developer experience and enabling everyone to achieve their aims, no matter what experience they have. When he’s not working, Michael is either hiking with his dog or contributing to OSS as a part of the GitHub Stars programme. He’s a big fan of automation and tries to automate everything to save time each day.

But why does the business care?

Michael joined Nexmo as a PHP developer advocate and left as the Director of Developer Experience. It wasn’t his technical skills, ability to present, (or charming wit), but the fact that he focused on the question “why does the business care?”. In this talk, he will cover the things he did to ensure that DevRel was aligned to the business needs.
He’ll cover how to select metrics that show value, how to build relationships with key stakeholders and how to make sure what you’re doing is visible enough internally to give you the bandwidth to do some of the key (but not prioritised) work to support your audience. This is a talk about how to balance a business’s need to make money with our desire to make the world better for our consumers, and just how important relationships are to make that happen.


Twitter: mheap

GitHub: mheap




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