Matt DeNapoli

Sr. Mgr. Developer Advocacy

Cisco Systems

Matt DeNapoli is a Senior Manager of Developer Advocacy with Cisco DevNet. He loves teaching about technology and makes seemingly complicated and technical content accessible to those who are new to a topic. As far as the high-tech industry is concerned, Matt is “classically trained”, holding a BS in Computer Science and an MS in Management of Information Systems. He has been with Cisco for 15 years holding various positions that provided him experience in developer support, systems management, systems architecture, and software development.

What I’ve Learned in My First Year Managing a Developer Relations Team

Join Matt DeNapoli, Senior Manager of Developer Advocacy, as he describes his experiences in his first year of managing a developer relations team at Cisco DevNet.

Matt will share what he’s learned he needs to do more of, less of, and why communication is the key to being an effective team leader.


Twitter: theDeNap


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