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Principal Developer Advocate


Principal Developer Advocate at ‹div›RIOTS – makers of Backlight, a Design Systems IDE built for Designers and Developers – m4dz is a curious animal. Former Frontend Dev, Devtools enthusiast, he has made the Developer eXperience (DX) his cherished topic. All the Web technologies are under his radar to get things ever simpler. His moto: “Developers are users just like you.” As a life-long dreamer, his favorite book will ever remain “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”.

The Legendary Fountain of Truth: Componentize Your Documentation!

“In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream.”

The same goes for your super-brand-new-revolutionary project: Documentation is the key to get people speaking about it. Building well-fitted documentation can be tricky. Having it updated each time you release a new feature had to be a challenging part of your adventure. We tried many things to prevent the gap between doc and code: code-generated documentation, live examples a-la-Storybook, REPL…

It’s time for a new era of documentation where people-oriented content lives along with code examples: this talk will guide you from Documentation Best Practices – covered from years of FOSS collaborative documentation – to the new fancy world of Components in Markdown: MDX, MDJS, MD Vite, and all. Let’s build shiny documentation for brilliant people!


Twitter: m4d_z


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