Lorna Mitchell

Head of Developer Relations


Lorna is based in Yorkshire, UK; she is a Developer Advocate at Aiven as well as a published author and experienced conference speaker. She brings her technical expertise on a range of topics to audiences all over the world with her writing and speaking engagements. Lorna has a strong background in open source, and a passion is for better Developer Experiences for developers everywhere. You can find out more about Lorna on her website https://lornajane.net.

Starting up Startup DevRel

Developer relations is so varied that especially if you’re new to the space, it can be quite overwhelming. So when you find yourself as a founder of the DevRel function at a fast-moving and deeply technical company, where do you even start?

In this session I’ll share how working at a growth company changed my mind about the importance of evangelism, and how we realised that code is an important means of communication with a very technical developer audience. How it became obvious that written and digital content would be our key focus, and why we hired from the tech writer community as well as raising DevRel talent from our target communities. With at least one tangent involving open source projects and licensing, come and hear the advice I wish I could have given to past-me to prepare me for this adventure!

Recommended for anyone shaping the future of developer relations or developer experience now, or in the future.


Twitter: lornajane

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