Layla Porter

Live Coder, Microsoft MVP, GitHub Star


Layla is a Developer Advocate at VMware serving the .NET community. She is a Live Coder on Twitch, a Microsoft MVP, A GitHub Star, and co-organiser of MK .NET user group. Layla loves sharing knowledge whilst having fun. No question is stupid and beginners are always welcome.

Learning in public – Live coding on Twitch

Twitch has been traditionally a place for people to watch people play video games. However, there has been a recent rise in live coders on Twitch sharing knowledge and breaking down barriers. Learning in public requires vulnerability and patience.

Layla is a proud member of the Twitch coding community and a member of The Live Coders Team. She will take us through her journey of Live coding on Twitch: the challenges, fears, and the surprising community support and involvement and you why you should check out the growing community of developers on Twitch and hopefully inspire you to start your own journey to learn in public!


Twitter: LaylaCodesIt


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