Kay Bamigboye

Regional Manager, Africa

Angelhack Corporation

Kay Bamigboye is a Technology Evangelist. His career has touched on different spheres of Tech. From Software Engineering, Social Media Marketing and Sales. His work with AngelHack Corporation has given him the opportunity to work with global tech brands like – IBM, Adobe, AWS among others. He considers himself a formidable plug for the African Developer Ecosystem with a deep understanding and experience of developers and their communities across the continent of Africa.

Africa and Emerging Developer Ecosystems

Africa is often overlooked by the global tech community as the next frontier in technology. With massive growth over the past 10 years, it is arguably only a matter of time before Africa’s developer ecosystem becomes a force to reckon with.

With the opportunities that tech presents as a way out of poverty for many, it is clear that Africa is still faced with unique challenges.

Many developers in Africa over the years had to learn programming from their mobile phones or had to pay for night browsing at a close cyber cafe.

In this talk, Kay will present the unique challenges of the developer ecosystems growing in Africa and discuss what the future holds for developer relations across the continent.


Twitter: kunlebamigboye

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