John Coghlan

Manager, Developer Evangelism


John’s passion is building inclusive communities that help people love their work. This has taken him from managing large scale corporate volunteer projects at United Way of New York City to founding one of Brooklyn’s first coworking spaces to becoming a community professional with a focus on technology. Currently, he manages Developer Evangelism for GitLab.

Keynote: The DevRel Career Ladder

In an emerging field like DevRel, where titles, reporting structures, and metrics remain fluid, defining more granular elements like career paths is a challenge. At GitLab, we’ve built out a Developer Evangelist job family with multiple levels and specialities. We would love to get feedback and contributions from the wider community on it.

In this talk, John will share how they built out the job family, the structure, and show how you can contribute to making it even better.


Twitter: john_cogs


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