Joe Nash

Developer Educator


Joe is a developer educator at Twilio, where he helps students learn with TwilioQuest, Twilio’s educational game. Previously, Joe has helped companies create and implement their developer community strategies as a consultant, and has held developer relations roles at GitHub and PayPal.

Keynote: Gatekeepers and Pit Traps

Developer relations has a career path problem. When it comes to providing meaningful developer relations professionals meaningful opportunities for advancement and progression, many organisations lack the infrastructure. This has important repercussions for retaining and growing experienced devrel staff, but is especially devastating to the pipeline of new devrel professionals.

In this talk, Joe will examine the options available for beginning a career in developer relations, and examine how the paths traditionally made available by the industry fail to serve employees, and help perpetuate some of the profession’s enduring problems. We will look to other roles and career paths for inspiration, and a possible future for devrel career paths.


Twitter: jna_sh


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