Jeremy Meiss

Director, DevRel & Community


Jeremy is the Director of DevRel & Community at CircleCI, formerly at Solace, Auth0, and XDA. He is active in the DevRel Community and is a co-creator of A lover of all things coffee, community, open source, and tech, he is also house-broken, and (generally) plays well with others.

Community, a dish best served collaboratively

Community is hard. It just is. Building developer communities is hard work. It’s long hours of looking at stats, metrics, and worrying about if what you’re building is sustainable or, heck, interesting enough. It’s putting yourself out there in every interaction, from social media to blog posts to community threads and answers to meetup and conference talks. It’s playing the long game of community growth and member lifecycle, which can take years off of your mental stability. With all of the hard work that building communities is, why would you ever make it that much harder on yourself by building your community in a bubble? Why position yourself on an island, staring at Wilson?

In this talk, Jeremy will explore why collaborating with other communities is essential, and some practical ways to put this into practice.


Twitter: IAmJerdog


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