Jeff Bull

Developer Advocate Manager for Cisco #DevNet

Cisco Systems

Jeff Bull is a Manager of Developer Advocacy with Cisco DevNet, where he leads a team focused on being the voice of the developer for DevRel and Cisco’s product BU’s. He launched DevNet’s first Technical Advisory Group (TAG) gathering customer & partner feedback through its field technical sellers. Prior to joining Cisco DevNet, he worked in a variety of roles ranging from Network Engineer to Network Manager across various tech sectors. He is a husband, father, and an at-home baker, Star Wars & tech geek, and storyteller. You can find Jeff on Twitter and other social media @jeffbulltech.

Effective Leadership Strategies for Managing a Team with Diverse Skill Sets

This talk will explore how to be intentional with how you communicate, how to consider different communication channels, audiences, and preferences, and how to design a communication plan and strategy. We’ll also examine the psychology of core needs and how you need to adapt your messaging depending on your audience and their needs. It will focus on several exercises and frameworks to help you create the best impact for what you’re trying to communicate.


Twitter: jeffbulltech


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