James Bohrman

Founder @ Cloudspeakers


James Bohrman is the founder of Cloudspeakers. After working in the tech industry as a cloud-native engineer for multiple years and blogging on the side, he decided to blend, his two passions into one. Now, he strives to help his clients create high-quality technical content that educates their audience on the use and importance of cloud-native tools and practices.


How I turned my hyper-fixation habit into my greatest asset in DevRel

Sometimes, habits that stem from learning disabilities can be detrimental to day-to-day life. In the right environment, however, they can be molded into powerful assets that allow individuals to bring their whole selves to the table and add a different perspective on challenges both in career settings and in our personal lives.

Diagnosed with Asperger’s at 22, James will share with the audience how he took his knack for hyper-fixation on passions and turned it into the greatest tool in his career.


Twitter: james_bohrman



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