Giovanni Laquidara

Developer Advocate


Started my development journey using Ada83 in the Archipelago of Real Time Systems years and years ago, migrated into Object Oriented country surviving to C, Python and Java. With these in the bag, I’ve decided to leave for the newborn country of Mobile Development choosing Android as a first town. I was not alone in the journey, many communities and events made me safe and satisfied and I liked to give back speaking about my past trips and helping others during around the fire meetups (GDG, Facebook DevC, Mobile Tea and others) conferences like Droidcons and Codemotions. I’m ready to pack my bag for VR/AR worlds and AI new lands and currently helping the Huawei ecosystem to be the safest and smartest harbour for developers!

The job of Partner Engineering

Whatever You or Your Company are creating and giving outside needs a Human Touch. Having a person with technical skills, empathy and willingness to help will speed up the adoption of your project and help to refine it. Let’s discover together what is this role and how to perform it at best.

In this talk, Giovanni will teach common frameworks, mixing psychology, tech stacks, soft skills inspired by the real experience that you can use on your daily job.


Twitter: joaolaq

GitHub: joaobiriba

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