Derric Gilling



Derric is the Co-Founder and CEO of Moesif an API Analytics platform, based in San Francisco, CA. Previously, he was Co-Founder and CTO of Trove. After graduating from the University of Michigan, he built award-winning functional and formal verification software for Intel, and later a computer architect on Intel’s Xeon Phi. He focuses on API strategy, platform growth, analytics, machine learning, and computer architecture.

How to Align DevRel Metrics to Product Goals

It’s easy to get distracted by tracking the wrong things. Things like website page views and requests/minutes can become vanity metrics not aligned to any product goals.

In this talk, Derric will walk us through his learnings on how to set up the right metrics that show the value that DevRel brings to your organization and create product qualified leads (PQLs).


Twitter: d_gilling


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