Cory Althoff

Developer Advocate


Cory Althoff is an author, programmer, and speaker. He is best known for his book The Self-Taught Programmer, which introduced the term ‘self-taught programmer’ into the common lexicon and is available in seven languages. More than 250,000 developers are part of the self-taught programmer community he created through his popular Facebook group, blog, newsletter, and Udemy course. Cory lives in California with his wife and daughter.

How I Created a Facebook Programming Group with 60,000+ Members

Cory Althoff, the author of The Self-Taught Programmer and The Self-Taught Computer Scientist, talks about how he created a Facebook group with over 60K developers. He will teach you how you can create your own Facebook developer community and explain the marketing lessons he learned creating his group, which you can use to improve all aspects of your developer relations efforts.


Twitter: coryalthoff


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