CJ Avilla

Developer Advocate


CJ Avilla is a developer advocate at Stripe, where he helps developers increase the GDP of the internet. He runs the Stripe Developers YouTube channel and is heavily involved in the Ruby on Rails community. Previously, he was a web development instructor at App Academy. In his spare time, CJ likes to podcast and remodel houses with his family in Sparks, Nevada.

Meet devs where they are with multiplexed video production

You’re determined to start making video content to complement your API docs, but you officially support several languages and don’t want to leave any devs, especially juniors, behind.

Do you pick one language and expect the audience to translate?

Usually, one pre-recorded video tutorial takes roughly 20 hours to create. With multiplexed video production, we made seven videos in seven different languages in 40 hours — meeting devs where they are with content about their preferred stack.


Twitter: cjav_dev

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