Cherish Santoshi

Head of Community


Cherish Santoshi is a thought leader and an active contributor to the DevRel ecosystem in India. He has built and nurtured technical communities for the last 8 years and managed various programs for brands like Google, Amazon, and HackerEarth. In his career, Cherish has led programs for a community of 5 million developers across the globe. Currently, he is leading the Developer community ecosystem at SAWO Labs where he empowers developers to build efficient products with passwordless authentications. Outside work, Cherish is an avid traveler, musician, and writer. He is a huge advocate of maximizing experiences and practicing self-awareness.

DevRel for startups

With the surge in DevRel and community-led startups, the VCs and founders are relying heavily on DevRel Managers for growth, feedback and distribution. What are some key KPIs that your founder and investors care about? What is your DevRel team’s ultimate defensibility? Join this talk to learn everything about DevRel in startups.


Twitter: CherishSantoshi

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