Caterina Rindi

Director of Open-Source Community and Developer Relations


Caterina has been involved in the P2P, blockchain, and open-source ecosystem since late 2013, educating and introducing non-technical audiences to peer-to-peer tools and OSS projects. She is currently the Director of Community and DevRel for Open-Source Software at G-Research. Past speaking events and conferences include TEDxGhent, SXSW, Institute for the Future, University of Tokyo, Health 2.0, Inside Bitcoins, OuiShare Fest, and Stanford University.

A DevRel Team that Doesn’t Sell Anything

The G-Research Open Source Team is building a DevRel arm to support its endeavors. Our team’s work consists mainly of upstream contributions freely given to existing open source projects. In this context, we had to rethink what it meant to have a DevRel team and navigate some preexisting notions about what a DevRel team should do.

In this talk, Caterina and Alex Scammon will cover G-Research experience on finding their way with the concept of Developer Relations within an Open Source Program Office.


Twitter: CaterinaRindi


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