Bradston Henry

Developer Advocate


Bradston Henry is a Developer Advocate and Senior Developer at IBM, who has over 8 years of development experience. He has worked on and deployed mobile and web applications that span various industries, such as retail, transportation and consumer goods. Bradston is also an avid gamer and a hobbyist game developer with games published to the Google Play Store and Bradston is a creative at heart who loves technology and development and experimenting with the cutting-edge technology. He also loves sharing what he has learned to enable others to accomplish their goals and dreams.

How Game Development Gave Me a Headstart in my DevRel Career

Who would have ever guessed that Game Development would teach him more about DevRel than anything else he has ever done?!?

Just under 6 months ago, he began his DevRel career as a Developer Advocate at IBM. Excited to take the role, but new to the space, he was afraid that he might be woefully unprepared for what was to come. But to his surprise, the years of Game Development experience, releasing and building games, would end up becoming his greatest strength.

Bradston will share with the audience how lessons learned from Game Development gave him a head-start in DevRel career and how those lessons can amplify your content and accelerate your career growth, no matter how much experience you have.


Twitter: BradstonDev

GitHub: bradstondevcode bradstondev

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