Alex Lakatos

Technology Lead

Interledger Foundation

Alex has spent the past 11 years working on the Open Web within Browser, Communications, and FinTech organizations. With a background in web technologies and developer advocacy, he’s helped organizations build developer-friendly products while engaging with the developer community at large. As the new Technology Lead for the Interledger Foundation, he focuses on lowering the barrier to entry into the Interledger ecosystem and driving the adoption of the web standards powering the Interledger protocol. An avid traveler, it’s likely you’ll bump into him at developer conferences around the world. As soon as they start again.

DevRel for Startups

How big is your Developer Relations team? I’m betting it’s small, same as mine. Unless you work for Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Twilio, or Vonage (The Artists Formerly Known as Nexmo), it’s pretty hard to justify a big DevRel team. And that’s OK; not everyone needs 70 people to do Developer Relations. It wouldn’t hurt though.

Alex will share his experience on how he managed to create a successful DevRel program as a Solo Developer Advocate while leveraging the entire company to help!


Twitter: lakatos88


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