Adam FitzGerald

VP, Developer Relations


My name is Adam FitzGerald, VP, Developer Relations at HashiCorp. I have helped companies build effective DevRel programs for the past 15 years leading teams at Amazon Web Services, Pivotal, VMware, SpringSource, and BEA Systems. My technical interests include data science, infrastructure automation, and fault-tolerant composable service architectures. I am a recovering mathematician (almost 20 years since my last formal proof), regular swimmer, occasional triathlete, aging gamer, and proud geek parent. Originally from England, I now live in the Bay Area.

Keynote: Practical Career Matrices for DevRel

To build a DevRel organization within your company, it is essential to give your team clear guidance on how they can grow, develop and get promoted.

A career matrix is a useful tool that explains core DevRel responsibilities and performance expectations for each level. This session will describe a process for creating a career matrix that matches with your companies culture and walk through a concrete example.


Twitter: DevRelChap

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